Last updated 29 March 2019

Jemena VicHub is a strategic gateway into and out of the Declared Wholesale Gas Market, linking the gas trading hubs of NSW and ACT to Victoria, assisting shippers to manage risk and optimise their gas portfolios.

VicHub, located at Longford Victoria links the Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) and the Eastern Gas Pipeline (EGP). It provides bi-directional transportation for shippers who either:

  • Receive gas at the Orbost Gas Plant (Patricia Baleen) and require access to the DWGM.
  • Seek to store gas on the EGP to take advantage of supply and pricing volatility and manage risk.

VicHub is located at Jemena’s facilities at Longford in Gippsland, Victoria. Coupled with EGP, it allows shippers to easily source gas from a variety of receipt points including:

  • Longford Gas Plant
  • Patricia Baleen Gas Plant (Orbost Receipt Point)
  • The Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM)
  • Sydney Short Term Trading Market (STTM) and ACT

Using VicHub withdrawal services, gas can be withdrawn from the DWGM on an intraday basis and stored and/or transported on the EGP. Similarly the Injection service facilitates the intraday delivery of gas from the EGP to the DWGM.

This functionality allows shippers to take advantage of the difference in gas pricing between both market schedules (time based) and geographical locations (STTM vs DWGM vs gas supply contracts). VicHub provides shippers with enhanced flexibility when managing their gas portfolio whilst minimising the scheduling risk associated with the Victorian DWGM.

VicHub services may provide shippers with a cost effective means of minimising deviation penalties should market participants experience constraints within other parts of the network, thus mitigating their potential market exposures and risk.

Shippers seeking transportation services on VicHub will also require an associated EGP service to manage daily imbalances.  

Available Capacity

VicHub Commercial Information
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Operational Transportation
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We look forward to discussing your gas transportation requirements.

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VicHub Summary
Pipeline Class Transmission
VicHub Map Click here for VicHub Schematic Map
Length 2 km
DWGM Injection Capacity 150 TJ/d
DWGM Withdrawal Capacity 135 TJ/d
Receipt Points EGP Longford, DWGM Withdrawal
Delivery Points EGP Longford, DWGM Injection
Detailed Facility Information Click here for VicHub Detailed Facility Information
Planned Maintenance Schedule Click here for VicHub Planned Maintenance Schedule
Available Capacity

Click here for VicHub Available Capacity* Outlook

*Firm Injection. Actual available capacity will vary depending on specific Receipt and Delivery Point requirements.

Historical Gas Flows

Click here for VicHub Usage and Scheduled Flow and also via the Gas Market Bulletin Board

Operations Manual Please refer to the EGP Operations Manual
Measurement Manual Please refer to the EGP Measurement Manual
Non-Discriminatory Access Policy Please refer to the EGP Non-Discriminatory Access Policy
Technical and Physical Characteristics
Pressure Between 3,000 kPa gauge and 16,550 kPa gauge
Gas Specification Please refer to the EGP Gas Specification
Financial Information
Financial Reporting Template

Financial reporting template for the VicHub is available:

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018
Basis of Preparation

The basis of preparation used to prepare the financial reporting template for the VicHub are available:

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018
Audit Report

The review report providing assurance to Jemena over the financial reporting template for the VicHub are available:

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018

Pursuant to Rule 558 of the National Gas Rules, the User Access Guide can be found here.

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