Darling Downs Pipeline

Last updated 29 March 2019

The Darling Downs Pipeline (DDP) plays an important part in delivering Jemena’s Northern Growth Strategy which seeks to build an interconnected supply chain of energy delivery assets in northern Australia through targeted acquisitions and greenfield developments.

The DDP consists of three interconnected gas transmission pipeline licences in the Darling Downs region in South-East Queensland that operate as a single pipeline network. It links the Wallumbilla gas hub near Roma with the Talinga gas plant near Chinchilla and Origin’s Darling Downs gas fired power station near Dalby in Queensland.

The DDP spans 292km in length and transports gas from the Bowen-Surat basin to the Wallumbilla gas hub, Origin’s 630MW Darling Downs Power Station, and to APLNG’s export pipeline.

Gas transported on the DDP is currently delivered to:

  • Brisbane via the Roma Brisbane Pipeline at Wallumbilla (Run 7)
  • Gladstone via the GLNG Pipeline at Wallumbilla (Santos WCS) or via the APLNG Pipeline at Talinga
  • South West Queensland Pipeline at Wallumbilla (Run 6 and Run 9), for delivery to southern markets
  • Darling Downs Power Station at the eastern end of the DDP

Jemena is committed to the provision of voluntary, non-discriminatory, pipeline access to third parties. We operate within a framework that takes into account sound commercial principles, and provides a fair and reasonable foundation to meet shippers’ needs.  Jemena believes that such a commitment is essential to the development of transparent and competitive markets for pipeline services.

Jemena does not currently have a standard service offering available on the DDP. As a responsible service provider, we are taking time to understand and develop the capabilities of the pipeline to service new users while ensuring a reliable service to existing users. We do, however, encourage prospective new users to contact us to discuss how DDP can play a role in servicing their gas transportation needs.

Available Capacity

DDP Commercial Information      
Standard Terms & Conditions Click here for DDP Standard Terms & Conditions
DDP Tariff Schedule Click here for DDP Tariff Schedule
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Operational Transportation
Service Agreement
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Standardisation Cost Charge
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We look forward to discussing your gas transportation requirements.  

Contact Us

To discuss your gas transportation needs, please contact Nerise Cook, Commercial Manager Darling Downs Pipeline (03) 9173 8437 or pipelines.commercial@jemena.com.au.

DDP Summary
Pipeline Class Transmission
DDP Schematic Map Click here for DDP Schematic map


(*or 293.15 km including laterals)

Nameplate Capacity Southern Haul: 155 TJ/d
Northern Haul: 40 TJ/d
Western Haul: 275 – 540 TJ/d
Eastern Haul: 200 – 270 TJ/d
Receipt Points Taloona, Spring Gully Manifold, Talinga, Kenya, Ruby, Orana
Delivery Points


Wallumbilla Hub: SWQP (Run 6, Run 9), Santos WCS, RBP (Run 7)

Darling Downs Power Station 

Detailed Facility Information Click here for DDP Detailed Facility Information
Planned Maintenance Schedule Click here for DDP Planned Maintenance Schedule
Available Capacity

Click here for DDP Available Capacity* Outlook

*Firm Haulage. There is firm capacity available at certain locations, but actual available capacity will vary depending on specific Receipt and Delivery Point requirements.

Historical Gas Flows

Click here for DDP Usage and Scheduled Flow and also via the Gas Market Bulletin Board

Technical and Physical Characteristics
Pressure Between 10,200 kPa gauge and 15,300 kPa gauge
Gas Specification Click here for DDP Gas Specification
Financial Information
Financial Reporting Template

Financial reporting template for the DDP is available:

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018
Basis of Preparation

The basis of preparation used to prepare the financial reporting template for the DDP are available

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018
Audit Report

The review report providing assurance to Jemena over the financial reporting template for the DDP are available:

  • here for the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2018

Pursuant to Rule 558 of the National Gas Rules, the User Access Guide can be found here.

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