Queensland Gas Pipeline

Last updated 27 May 2020

For the next 12 months, Jemena has scheduled maintenance which may result in a flow restriction.

This maintenance plan is current, and we will notify you of any material changes.

Start Date End Date Site Activity Available Capacity (TJ/d)
8 Sep 202014 Sep 2020Banana Compressor StationRoutine Maintenance114.9
8 Sep 202014 Sep 2020Rolleston Compressor StationRoutine Maintenance114.3
22 Feb 202124 Feb 2021Rolleston Compressor StationRoutine Maintenance112.2
26 Feb 202128 Feb 2021Banana Compressor StationRoutine Maintenance112.7

This forecast has been prepared by Jemena’s maintenance planning team, taking into account, current maintenance plans, regulatory requirements, forecast projects, resource availability and impacts of any outages on customers.