Planned Outages

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We are working to minimise the number of planned outages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For our electricity customers in Victoria, we understand the impact electricity outages have on our customers with many now working from home and having to find ways of managing your business obligations and supporting your family requirements.  

We are only performing essential work required to maintain the safety and reliability of our network, or works that help power the community and keep local business running. We are delaying all non-essential planned outages or shortening the duration of the outage where possible.

We will continue providing advance notice of planned outages to impacted customers, and you can contact us directly on 1300 658 045 to discuss your individual circumstances. You can also view our Outage Preparation Tips below.

Types of essential works that require planned outages include:

  • Replacing or repairing electricity poles that have reached end of life and may cause unplanned outages further down the track
  • Allowing Jemena or local councils to cut trees back that are getting too close to power lines
  • Upgrading substations that supply electricity to neighbourhoods
  • Performing other critical maintenance that is needed to supply safe and reliable electricity to the community

Batteries during planned outages

We know being without power for a short period is an additional challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are now offering to loan portable batteries free of charge to our electricity customers with medical needs during planned outages. This service is also available to customers who need continuous power supply for other reasons.

You can request to loan a battery free of charge when a Jemena representative calls you about a planned outage in your area.

Last updated 7/08/2020

NOTE: the outage location below is the actual street where the works will be taking place, however nearby streets may be affected by the outage

Airport West Highridge Crs 26-Aug Wednesday 0800-1530 scheduled
Airport West Moorna Drv 23-Aug Sunday 0730-1500 scheduled
Airport West Oak St 7-Aug Friday 1330-1600 scheduled
Airport West Thomas St 8-Aug Saturday 0730-1630 scheduled
Alphington Mercil Rd 28-Aug Friday 0800-1600 scheduled
Bulla School Lane / Trap St 14-Aug Friday 0830-1330 scheduled
Campbellfield Carlisle Crt / Cambridge Way 7-Aug Friday 1200-1600 scheduled
Campbellfield Jesica Rd 23-Aug Sunday 1100-1600 scheduled
Coburg Coburg Station 16-Aug Sunday 0800-1600 scheduled
Coburg Jamieson St 14-Aug Friday 0730-1300 scheduled
Diggers Rest Bulla-Diggers Rest Rd 13-Aug Thursday 0930-1500 scheduled
Diggers Rest Duncans Rd 13-Aug Thursday 0830-1300 scheduled
Diggers Rest Old Calder Hwy 25-Aug Tuesday 0800-1500 scheduled
Essendon Beatrice St / Afton St 11-Aug Tuesday 0830-1230 (30 mins only) scheduled
Essendon Clydebank Rd / Smiley Crs 11-Aug Tuesday 1200-1500 (30 mins only) scheduled
Essendon Cudmore St / Market St / Hedderwick St 7-Aug Friday 0830-1300 (30 mins only) scheduled
Fairfield Station St 14-Aug Friday 0930-1500 scheduled
Fairfield Yarrabend Rd 10-Aug Monday 0830-1530 scheduled
Footscray Ballarat Rd 9-Aug Sunday 0800-1530 scheduled
Footscray Cowper St 7-Aug Friday 0800-1600 scheduled
Footscray Dongola Rd 17-Aug Monday 0800-1600 scheduled
Footscray Farnsworth Ave 9-Aug Sunday 0730-1600 scheduled
Footscray Whitehall St / Youell St 13-Sep Sunday 0700-1630 scheduled
Gladstone Park Allenby Pl / Burbank Ave / Cranbrook Crt 11-Aug Tuesday 0830-1200 (30 mins only) scheduled
Gladstone Park Cranbrook Crt / Hall Rd / Sheldon Crt / Spruce Crt 11-Aug Tuesday 1200-1500 (30 mins only) scheduled
Glenroy Wheatsheaf Rd 12-Aug Wednesday 0800-1600 scheduled
Greenvale Bradford Ave / Heversham Grv / Somerton Rd / Everingham Crt 21-Aug Friday 0830-1300 (1 hour only) scheduled
Heidelberg Liberty Pde 22-Aug Saturday 0800-1530 scheduled
Heidelberg West Liberty Pde 18-Aug Tuesday 0830-1530 scheduled
Ivanhoe The Ridgeway 8-Aug Saturday 1200-1630 scheduled
Keilor Highland Rd 11-Aug Tuesday 0830-1500 scheduled
Keilor North Oakbank Rd 11-Aug Tuesday 0900-1400 scheduled
Maribyrnong Hampstead Rd 11-Aug Tuesday 1800-0700 (Wednesday) scheduled
Mickleham Donnybrook Rd 22-Aug Saturday 0800-1430 scheduled
Moonee Ponds Lennox St 20-Aug Thursday 0800-1530 scheduled
Newport McRobert St 16-Aug Sunday 0730-1600 scheduled
Niddrie Garnet St 10-Aug Monday 0830-1630 scheduled
Niddrie Grandview Rd 14-Aug Friday 1200-1600 scheduled
Niddrie Hutchison St / Hotham Rd 7-Aug Friday 0830-1300 (30 mins only) scheduled
Reservoir Edwardes St 8-Aug Saturday 0730-1330 scheduled
Reservoir Henderson St 14-Aug Friday 0800-1600 scheduled
Somerton Fillo Drv 15-Aug Saturday 0730-1600 scheduled
Strathmore York St 20-Aug Thursday 0800-1630 scheduled
Sunbury Hood Crs / Jackson St / Fraser Crt / Anderson St / O'Shannassy St 11-Aug Tuesday 0830-1630 (3 hours only) scheduled
Sunbury Konagaderra Rd 22-Aug Saturday 0800-1430 Cancelled
Sunbury Moore Rd 13-Aug Thursday 1000-1400 scheduled
Sunbury Pasley St 7-Aug Friday 1100-1530 scheduled
Sunbury Pasley St 7-Aug Friday 0830-1300 scheduled
Watsonia Simpson Army Barracks 29-Aug Saturday 0900-1500 scheduled
Westmeadows Black St 19-Aug Wednesday 0700-1100 scheduled
Westmeadows Campbell St 19-Aug Wednesday 1030-1430 scheduled
Westmeadows Cook Place 19-Aug Wednesday 1230-1630 scheduled
Westmeadows Dooen Crt 19-Aug Wednesday 1300-1630 scheduled
Westmeadows Eyre St 19-Aug Wednesday 1000-1400 scheduled
Westmeadows Gwilt St 19-Aug Wednesday 0800-1330 scheduled
Westmeadows Lima Crt 17-Aug Monday 0800-1600 scheduled
Westmeadows Nyora Crt 31-Aug Monday 0800-1600 scheduled
Westmeadows Nyora Crt 31-Aug Monday 0800-1600 scheduled
Yarraville Alice St / Free St / George St 13-Aug Thursday 0830-1230 (1 hour) scheduled
Yarraville Ballard St / Kidman St / Roberts St 13-Aug Thursday 1130-1430 (1 hour) scheduled
Yarraville High St / Williamstown Rd 22-Aug Saturday 0800-1600 scheduled
Yarraville Whitehall St 23-Aug Sunday 0700-1630 scheduled

Preparation Tips for a power outage

Before the day of the planned outage:

  • Save the date - keep the planned outage date handy on a calendar/diary, note on your fridge, message on your phone.
  • Your security system may require special attention - Either prior to or after the power interruption. Refer to your owner’s manual for more detail. You may also want to let your security authorities know that your system may be disrupted during this time.
  • Life support - Always follow the plan you have discussed with your doctor first. To register new equipment or update your contact details, call us on 131 626. In a life-threatening situation, always call 000.
  • Battery Backup - Install an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to any required computers, internet modems, or charge your laptop battery  
  • In rural area, please make necessary arrangements - to secure all livestock, and If you have an electric water pump, it’s a good idea to store enough extra water to have during the interruption.
  • Don’t be left in the dark - It’s always a good idea to have a back-up kit with torches with spare batteries, and or camping LED  lanterns pre charged, charged power packs for mobile phones, small portable radio with batteries, in the house.

On the morning of the planned power interruption:

  • Switch off appliances - Switch off motor driven appliance such as washing machines, dryers, ducted heaters, air conditioners, and appliances like televisions.
  • Switch your fridge to the coldest setting - Switch your fridge to the coldest setting about two hours before a planned outage. Cover your food, and try not to continuously open the fridge door. Remember to reset your fridge to the original settings when the power is back on. You may also want to add a couple of bags of ice to your freezer compartment.
  • Open your gates and garage doors - Open your gates and garage doors if you think you might need to access shortly before the interruption, otherwise keep them locked.
  • Look out for each other - Look out for each other and check to see if there are any neighbours who may be elderly or ill and need some help.
  • Leave a light on - After ensuring all lights and appliances are switched off, leave one light switched on so you know when your power has been restored.

Home Office tips -  what you could do to work around the planned interruption

  • File Backups - create both online and offline backups for files 
  • Internet - Use a Wi-Fi hot-spot on your devices, or 3G/4G if you have a SIM
  • Phone Calls - forward your home/work number to your mobile phone
  • Mobile Phones - Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged  
  • Portable Phone Chargers - power banks for charging phones, laptops and other devices
  • Planning - move your calendar events around to not have deadlines due the day of the power interruption
  • Scheduling - pre-plan your work and/or school schedule for the day