Street Lighting

We maintain over 72,000 street lights across our electricity distribution area and are committed to providing the highest standard of service to councils, VicRoads and the local community.

Reporting a faulty street light

In order to assist us in maintaining our street lights, you can report a faulty street light directly via our easy to use webtool. If you are not located in the Jemena distribution network you can check your electricity bill to obtain details for the electricity distribution network operator in your area.

  • Report a street light fault
  • If a street light fault presents an immediate safety issue, please call our faults and emergencies line on 131 626
  • If your enquiry requires further assistance, click here to submit an enquiry or visit our Contact Us page

Our obligations

Jemena is responsible for providing maintenance services to the existing public lighting assets in accordance with the public lighting code.

New lighting - council and VicRoads obligations

Jemena is not the responsible authority for determining new lighting requirements. Should you wish for new lighting to be installed you must contact your local council (or VicRoads for defined arterial roads).