Trees and powerlines

Contact between trees and power lines can be dangerous. If power lines fall to the ground because of storms or other interference, they can still be live. Electrocution and injury can even occur when someone touches a tree branch which has been in contact with a power line.

Never approach or touch power lines. Always let our highly trained professionals deal with fallen or sagging power lines.

Our safety advice

  • Treat fallen or sagging power lines as live and dangerous
  • Call us immediately on 131 626 if you are concerned about the safety of a power line
  • Alert police by calling 000 if you are concerned about road and public safety
  • Stay clear of fallen tree limbs, power lines and anything they may be touching, like a puddle, vehicle or fence, because it could conduct electricity
  • Do what you can to keep others away from fallen power lines
  • Be alert. Sometimes tree limbs and debris can hide an electrical hazard. Check for power lines above you before you shift that fallen branch.
  • Keep an eye out for dangling power lines.

If in doubt, call us on 131 626. For more information about staying safe around electricity, visit Energy Safe Victoria.