Storm safety

In anticipation of any major storm activities, please refer to the following tips on the website

  • Stay clear of any fallen powerlines
  • Call Jemena immediately to report the problem
  • Make sure your children and pets are indoors during storm activity
  • Park your car under cover and away from trees. Fallen tree limbs can cause extensive damage to vehicles. Be aware that trees have been very stressed due to the prolonged drought conditions
  • If you are outdoors during storm or wind activity, find a solid structure to shelter under
  • If you experience a power outage use battery operated lanterns or torches instead of candles. If you must use candles, ensure they are in a fire-proof holder and never leave them unattended
  • If you are without power, ensure that all household appliances are switched off before power is returned.

For more information, visit the State Emergency Service website

Restoring your power

  • The restoration of power starts with the largest infrastructure and highest number of customers, and proceeds to restoration of power at individual premises, such as homes and businesses
  • This process ensures the quickest and safest restoration of the network for all customers
  • Jemena crews must first assess damage to the network including substations, transformers, and wires to determine corrective actions. Safety is the number one priority for both the public and our crews
  • Substations must be restored first to enable power to be delivered to the local area. The restoration of feeder lines that serve large numbers of customers is completed next, followed by lines servicing neighbourhoods
  • Individual premises are restored as quickly as possible once essential supply infrastructure has been repaired