Track my electricity usage

Jemena's Electricity Outlook portal is an easy to use tool to help you monitor your electricity use. Data on when and how much electricity you use is gathered daily from your smart meter and accessible by logging in.

Electricity Outlook can help you: Sign-up for Electricity Outlook

  • Compare electricity retailer plans to see if you have the best deal
  • Better understand your electricity consumption habits
  • See an estimate of how much your electricity is costing you everday
  • Get notified in the event of a power outage

How does it work?

How do I sign up?

Your first step in using the Electricity Outlook portal is to register. Take a few moments to watch the attached instructional video which will take you through the registration process step by step.

How do I use it?

Now that you are registered and able to access the portal, the attached video will show you how to utilise the service.

How do I bind my home area network?

In this video you will see how to unlock additional benefits of the smart meter by setting up a home area network with your portal.