Trade (Plumbers & Gas Fitters)

Each year we’re thrilled to partner with plumbers, gas fitters, appliance manufacturers and other trade partners - just like you - to deliver natural gas into 1.3 million homes and businesses across New South Wales.

As a trade partner, we understand it’s not always easy to have all the information you need at your finger-tips when talking to customers about Jemena, natural gas, new connections and incentives programs. We hope that this page can help ensure the information you need is not only easily accessible, but available when you need it. 

For meter removal, please read our Safety Announcement.
For Technical Information, click here.

Connections and alterations

Helping a residential or small business customer with some building, renovation or demolition works? For information on what’s required, see our Go Natural Gas website, gas connections FAQs or relocate, replace or remove your gas supply page.

Alternatively, we’ve developed a comprehensive handbook around residential connections which you can access here. Supporting a large business (over 10 terajoules of natural gas per year) customer or developer with some works? See our commercial and industrial page.

Lodging and tracking works online

Ready to request, pay for or track a service’s progress? Visit our Connect and Manage My Gas Portal. Services include:

  • New connection: Request a new gas connection
  • Additions and alterations: Request changes to your existing gas supply
  • Abolishment: Request decommissioning and meter removal. 

Choosing appliances and cash back offers

Did you know that Jemena offers cash back incentives to customers who replace a non-gas appliance with natural gas? You can find out more about this incentives program at our Go Natural Gas website, as well as use our handy gas appliance selector tool, check if your customer has gas available on their street, or, as a trade partner, list your business on our find a gas specialist page. 

Contact us

For more information on becoming a trade partner, consumer cashbacks and connections, please contact