Get connected

Moving home or premises

Moving somewhere new? You’ll need to sign up to a new gas plan with an energy retailer (who manage your account and bills). Not sure who to choose? You can find a list of gas retailers here and compare offers on the Energy Made Easy website. Once you’re signed up your retailer will contact us to come and read your gas meter for future billing.

Moving out and need your gas account closed? No problem. Just contact your current gas retailer and they’ll liaise with us on your behalf to arrange a final meter read, calculate and issue your final bill. 

New connections

Moving into a new home, rebuilding or want to replace an old electric appliance with gas? If your property isn’t currently connected to natural gas, you’ll need to arrange a new connection. You can apply through:

  • your preferred gas retailer
  • your plumber, gas fitter or builder 
  • yourself, via our Connect and Manage My Gas Portal. Please note that if you choose this option we’ll nominate a gas retailer on your behalf, though you can change providers once the work is complete.


You can check if gas is available at your address here.

How long will it take?

We will get back to you within 10 business days to advise you of the next steps as this is dependent on the type of connection we are able to deliver to your property . The entire connection process could take 20 or more business days, again this is dependent on the type of connection but we will let you know timeframes once the offer is made. We recommend submitting your application at least 6-8 weeks ahead of your desired finish date.

Typically Jemena experiences connection delays towards the end of the year due to Christmas period and large volumes of customers moving into new homes.

How much does it cost?

We will confirm if there is any fee associated once we’ve assessed your request. Depending on the nature of the connection there may be a customer contribution required to have the works carried out but we will advise you should this be the case.

Does your property have any special site conditions?

You will need to let us know if you have any of the following site conditions when lodging your application. If any of these site conditions apply, your offer may require a customer contribution and / or it may take us longer to complete the connection.

We may also be required to obtain permits from your local council or authorities such as Roads & Maritime Services to work on public land and roadways. You do not need to arrange this; we arrange this as part of our planning process.

  1. Your property is on a battle-axe block (a block of land behind another, with access from the street through a narrow drive).

  2. Your property is on shared land and / or accessed via a shared driveway.

  3. The gas meter position is not located externally to your dwelling nor within 2 metres from the front of your dwelling.

  4. You have an obstruction such as a cliff wall / tiered garden / steps higher than 3 metres from your property boundary to the meter position.

  5. There is a distance of 25 metres or more from your property boundary to your preferred meter location.

  6. Your property is located on a road for which NSW Roads and Maritime Services is responsible for, or on a road subject to heavy traffic conditions which requires traffic controls to be put in place so that the connection work may be undertaken.

  7. The gas appliances you are installing in your home require a larger than standard gas meter. 

  1. Dwelling type:

    • Existing residential premises: This connection type is for established homes in established suburbs that want to connect to our gas network. This may include knock down rebuilds.

    • New builds: This connection type is for homes that are in the process of being built. Townhouses, villas, low-rise or high-rise apartments require a different connection product.

  2. Gas appliances you plan to install in your home:  it will have an impact of the size of meter needed for your property.

  3. Gas meter location: when standing on the street facing your property, do you prefer the gas meter to be on the left or right side of the property? It is best to discuss with your plumbers or gas fitters as services such as electricity, water and air conditioning units need to be considered into this decision.

  4. Site Ready Date:

    • The ‘Site Ready Date’ that you identify will help us plan for the work and schedule an appropriate date for the work to commence.

    • If you are unsure, please provide your best estimate and we will contact you when the Site Ready Date approaches to confirm.

Your home needs to be ready for us to connect the gas:

  • For an existing home, we need unobstructed access between the location of the gas meter and its’ direct line to the street.

  • For a new build, it needs to be at lock up stage or the wall at the gas meter location is complete, the internal plumbing is complete, scaffolding removed from site or not impacting access to trench and there is cleared access between the gas meter location and the street (e.g. no rubbish, porta-loo, bricks, fence).

In some instances you may be asked to remove shrubs or break the concrete to make way for the gas pipe. If required, this will be specified in your offer.

If we arrive to begin work and find any scaffolding or other obstructions in place, we will need to reschedule the connection.

To get started visit Go Natural Gas website and read our Residential Connections Guide or Gas Connections FAQs. Under our Model Standing Offer, we don’t charge any fees for basic connection services.