Energy Research Study


We’re conducting an important energy research study to help define future energy requirements in New South Wales. The study successfully recruited over 900 households between March and April 2019 for an 18-month period, and involved upgrading the gas meter at the properties by installing a small device that automatically sends us gas consumption data. 

This device will assist us in understanding how participating households use natural gas throughout the year and at different times of the day, which will help us to better plan for the future energy needs of our customers. The data we gather won’t be used for billing or affect the amount participating customers pay for their gas. 

To further assist us with this study, we compiled a short survey to collect information such as household composition, energy usage attitudes, appliance ownerships, etc. The information provided is being overlayed with the gas consumption data collected, help us understand how household demographics, attitudes and appliance in the home translate into gas usage behaviour.

Participants of the study will receive a similar survey every 6 months to help us understand if there have been any changes to the makeup of their households, energy preferences or appliance ownership. 

Existing Participants

If you're an existing participant and you have any questions, you can email us at