Energy Research Study

We have successfully recruited 1,000 households.

Congratulations to Bruce from Erskineville in Sydney, who won the $1,000 GiftPay Flexi eGift Card from the prize draw.

Bruce will be informed via SMS on 14 June 2019, and will receive the $1,000 eGift Card via email.



We’re conducting an important energy research study to help define future energy requirements in New South Wales. The study will monitor 1,000 New South Wales households over an 18-month period and will involve upgrading the gas meter at your property by installing a small device onto the existing meter, which will automatically send your gas consumption data to Jemena.

The device will assist Jemena to understand how participating households use natural gas throughout the year and at different times of the day. This will allow Jemena to better plan for future energy needs. This information will not be used for billing and will not affect the amount that the customer pays for their gas. And your gas supply will remain uninterrupted.

To assist with the study, we’re conducting a short survey as a way of registering your interest. The information collected in the survey will be used for the purposes of:

  • whether your household qualifies to participate in the study
  • the administration of the prize draw of the $1,000 GiftPay Flexi eGift Card*

The information submitted by qualifying households in the survey will also be used for the purposes of the study should you choose to participate.

If you’ve successfully completed the online survey, you’ll automatically go into the draw to win a $1,000 egift card*. If your household meets the eligibility requirements and you choose to participate, we'll send you a $30 Giftpay Flexi egift card^ as a thank you for participating.

*Please click here for the T&C for the prize draw of the $1,000 Giftpay Flexi egift card
^Please click here for the T&C for the $30 Giftpay Flexi egift card
Please note that Jemena's employees are not eligible to join the study.


The survey will ask questions about your household composition, what gas and electric appliances you have in your home, and your energy consumption habits. For example, how many people live in your house, what kind of cooktop you have, etc.

If you've lost the 7-digit passcode to enter the survey, please fill in the enquriy form at the bottom of this page with your full address and email address. Once we've verified that you are our customers, we will get back to you with a new passcode as soon as possible.

Once you've completed the online survey, you'll be…

  • automatically entered into the $1,000 egift card prize draw*, whether you're selected for the study or not
  • informed immediately if your household is eligible to participate

If your household qualifies for the study and you choose to participate, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days of completing the survey. You will also receive a $30 egift card^ as a thank you via email within 2 weeks of completing the online survey.

A technician will upgrade the gas meter by installing a small device onto the existing meter at your property, which will automatically send gas usage data to Jemena. Your gas supply will never be turned off and will remain uninterrupted.

Do I need to be at the property for the gas meter upgrade?

No. However, you need to make sure the gas meter is accessible e.g., no locked gate that will prevent our service provider from accessing the gas meter.

How long will it take for the gas meter upgrade?

The upgrade can take between 30 minutes and an hour, and your gas supply will not be disconnected or interrupted.

How long will the device be on the gas meter?

The device fitted to the meter will become part of Jemena's gas meter and will remain on the gas meter. There are circumstances where the small device will be replaced or removed e.g., if it is faulty, etc.

Once you've completed the online survey, you'll be automatically entered into the $1,000 egift card prize draw*, whether you're selected for the study or not. The prize draw will be conducted on 15th June 2019. The winner will be notified via email within 2 business days of the prize draw. The results of the prize draw will be available on Jemena’s website ( following the draw.

If your household qualifies and chooses to participate in the study, you’ll receive a $30 Giftpay Flexi egift card^ as a thank you via email within 2 weeks of completing the online survey.

The egift card will be sent from our partner GiftPay so check for emails from If you still cannot find the electronic gift card in your email, please fill out the Questions / Enquiries form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To redeem a Giftpay Flexi egift card, all you need is access to the internet and the email address you provided when you completed the online survey. Giftpay Flexi egift cards work on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access. Recipients can access their egift card anytime and anywhere they need to.

Recipients of a Giftpay Flexi egift card can convert their Flexi eGift Card into any combination of gift cards or vouchers offered by Giftpay, up to the total available balance.  Recipients choose from a range of store gift cards and vouchers, including major retailers, entertainment venues, dining, online shopping, and more.  Terms and conditions apply.  See third party provider websites for details.

The eGift T&C can be found at the bottom of each eGift.‚Äč

Is my information secure and will it remain confidential?

Yes, all personal information collected by Jemena for the purposes of the study is confidential. No customer names or addresses are attached to the transmission of small device data as it will be de-identified. Each small device has a unique identifier which is matched up with customer information by Jemena. This project and all information collected will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy (please refer to to view this policy) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Who will have access to the survey data and gas consumption data?

Two of our partners will have access to the survey and consumption data. Freestyle Technology, our service provider, supplies the small devices which transmit gas consumption data to their platform. Jemena will be able to access and download the de-identified data from Freestyle Technology securely.

Jackie Duke Insights (JDI) and Honeycomb Strategy are our research partners and are responsible for designing, programming and hosting the Energy Research Study survey. They collect the survey data and provide it to Jemena for analysis purposes.

We may share the data with government organisations such as the AER and CSIRO, and non-government organisations, including Jemena’s service providers, for the purposes of the study and for research, analysis and planning purposes. All data shared with third parties will be de-identified and cannot be linked to any individual household.

Will Jemena sell the Energy Research Study data to third parties?

No. By law, the gas consumption data can only be accessed by the meter reader, a customer's energy retailer, and others who are entitled to it under the law (such as distribution networks, and other people who you specifically authorise). Jemena owns and operates the gas distribution network in NSW.

Will I be able to access the gas consumption data collected?

No, the data will be transmitted to a secure third-party cloud location for the purpose of conducting this research.

Will the device continue to send my gas usage data to Jemena after the study is completed?

The device will become part of the gas meter located at your property and will continue to transmit de-identified data to Jemena until such time as the battery runs out or the device and / or meter is removed.

What technology do we use to transmit gas consumption data?

The gas consumption data is collected from the small device using a secure NB-IoT network, this network is similar to a secured mobile phone network. No customer names, addresses or identifiable data is transmitted.

Can I opt-out from the study after the meter upgrade?

Yes, you can opt-out at anytime during the study by contacting Wing Poon on (03) 9173 8102. By opting out, Jemena will stop using the transmitted data from the gas meter located at your property, however, the quarterly gas meter read will continue for billing purposes.

The small device, however, will remain attached to the gas meter unless Jemena decides to remove it.

Can I remove the small device from the gas meter if I opt-out from the study or once the study is completed?

The small device will form part of the Jemena gas meter. If you would like it removed from the gas meter, you will need to contact Wing Poon on (03) 9173 8102 but a fee of $100 may be charged by Jemena to remove the device.

Existing Participants

If you're an existing participant and you have any questions, you can email us at