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Jemena has over 1.4 million residential and business customers connected to its gas distribution network. So our service offerings meet the needs of our customers, we differentiate between two broad categories of customer:

  • volume market customers: this group generally consists of residential and small commercial customers; and
  • demand market customers: this group generally consists of large commercial and industrial customers (typically consuming more than 10TJ per year)

From cooking to commercial heating, hot showers to pools and barbeques, no matter what area of your home or business you’re thinking of, natural gas is a smart choice. Get the most out of it here.

Our services

Thinking of upgrading an old appliance, buying a new home or doing some building works? If your natural gas needs change, we’re here to help. Visit our get connected or relocate, replace or remove your supply pages to get started. For information on upgrading appliances and cash back offers, visit the Go Natural Gas website.

Delivering you safe and reliable gas 

At Jemena, we’re proud to be one of the most reliable and safe gas distribution networks in Australia. To keep it that way, we sometimes need to complete maintenance, repairs or upgrade work that may interrupt your home or business’ gas supply. Where this happens, we’ll give you advance notice and work hard to keep the interruption to a minimum. 

Of course, no matter how careful our planning, sometimes uncontrollable events like extreme weather, accidents or third party works can impact our network and your gas supply. In the unlikely event of an emergency or unplanned outage, you can count on us to safely restore your gas as soon as we can. You can help too, by:

Gas meter box safety and asbestos

If you believe you have a meter box cover that contains asbestos please contact your local council or Jemena Customer Service NSW on 1300 137 078 for more information.

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