Commercial & Industrial

Jemena has over 1.5 million residential and business customers connected to its gas distribution network. So our service offerings meet the needs of our customers, we differentiate between two broad categories of customer:

  • volume market customers: this group generally consists of residential and small commercial customers; and
  • demand market customers: this group generally consists of large commercial and industrial customers (typically consuming more than 10TJ per year).

You can download information on the Negotiated Connection Contract Process for Demand Customers.

For meter removal, please read our Safety Announcement.

Service offerings to demand market customers

  • Pre-connection advisory services: Getting connected to the gas network and setting up your commercial arrangements can be complex. We can provide specialised and tailored analysis to assist you to understand your gas requirements and help you to get the right equipment and pricing.
  • Best available pricing: We are able to provide demand market customers with access to a broader range of tariffs that may allow them to take advantage of volume efficiencies.
  • Access to real-time data: We can provide a demand market customer with a ‘pulse connection’ that creates an interface between our metering assets on site and a customer’s energy management system. The access to real-time data assists customers to manage their gas consumption.
  • Access to historical data: We can provide our demand market customers with historical gas consumption data to assist them understand their usage, identify potential opportunities in relation to their usage and help them to forecast future demand.
  • Personalised services: By working closely with our demand market customers, we can improve our service delivery offering and realise more benefits for your operation. Contact us if you want to discuss how we might be able to assist your business.
  • Assistance with becoming a self-contracting user. Transitioning from a retail customer to a self-contracting user involves an application and registration process involving both Jemena and the Australian Energy Market Operator. We provide support and guidance so this process is as easy as possible for eligible customers seeking to become self-contracting users.

Pre-connection advisory, access to real-time data and personalised services may attract a separate one-off or ongoing fee.

If you have any enquiries related to demand customers, please contact us at