Uniting Energy Assist

Take control of your energy bills

There are many simple things you can do to save energy and money in your home. To help support Victorian customers who may be struggling with electricity bills, we have partnered with community services organisation Uniting Vic.Tas to offer you free, over-the-phone home energy appointments.

Delivered by Uniting’s team of energy experts, appointments can help you better understand your bills, check you are receiving all available concessions and discounts, learn simple tips to cut your energy use, and much more. All calls are completely confidential and available in your preferred language.

What advice and support can I receive? 

While all calls are tailored to your needs, you can expect to receive advice on things like:

Bill basics


Discounts & concessions


Home energy  efficiency


Using appliances

Better understand your energy bill, if you are on the ‘best deal’ for you, and help comparing offers (using the Victorian Energy Compare website)



Get help checking all available discounts and/or concessions are being applied to your bill



Learn how energy efficient your home is, and simple ways to improve it (e.g. plugging draughts under doors that let the heat in)



Learn how much your appliances cost to run, how to use them more efficiently, and if you are eligible for appliance replacement programs


Payment support


Government rebates


Energy rights


Other service referrals

Get advice on budgeting, setting up bill payment plans or help applying for retailer hardship programs


Get help checking eligibility and applying for available government energy rebates or schemes


Better understand your energy rights, and where to get different kinds of support, including making a complaint


Where useful, referrals to other services like financial counselling, housing support and more

Read more about the program in this brochure.

Make an appointment today

To make a free home energy appointment, contact the Uniting team on 1800 313 126. They are available from Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm or you can leave a message and they will call you back. Translator support is available if you would prefer to speak a language other than English.

Who is Uniting?

Uniting Vic.Tas is one of the largest community service organisations in Victoria, delivering services and programs like financial counselling, emergency relief, mental health, housing and family support for those in need. They provide free home energy advice, as well as other key service referrals, for those experiencing or at risk of financial difficulty – all in their preferred language. Learn more on their website.

Energy saving tips for summer

Did you know that cooling and heating can make up 40% of the average person’s energy bill? Or that on very hot days, households can use three times more power than usual due to energy hungry appliances like air conditioners? With hot summer days on their way, we have collected some simple tips to help you save energy and money in your home, while also staying comfortable. Find them here (available in multiple languages).