Solar and renewables for customers

We’re Changing

Jemena solar and renewables is now Digital

From 1 December 2019 Jemena requires the digital capture of the embedded generation devices you install at your home or business.

We have been capturing embedded generation details for the past eight years but are going digital now to support an industry-wide initiative to forecast, plan and operate the grid more efficiently. This will launch in early 2020.

The use of embedded generation such as rooftop solar and battery storage is on track to be the largest installed capacity of any generation technology by 2029. (Source: AEMO website). As such, from early 2020 the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will be more closely monitoring the installation of and planning for the future use of solar and renewable energy devices. 

What’s changing?

All customers who install embedded generation such as rooftop solar or battery storage must complete an Embedded Generation application. As we are now digital, Jemena requires the Embedded Generation application to be completed online via Jemena’s ‘Connect and manage my electricity’ portal.

In most cases the application will be completed by your solar installer or registered electrical contractor (REC). Once the application is submitted, an Embedded Generation application ID (or EGid) is automatically assigned, which Jemena and your retailer will use for reference when connecting you to the grid.

The Embedded Generation application has been expanded to capture information about the solar and renewable devices you install such as the number of panels, and make / model / serial number(s) of the panels and inverter. These details are required so that AEMO can better plan for the future use of solar and renewable energy devices.

The following table describes our new digital process.

What do our customers need to do?

For solar and renewable installations and alterations completed after 1 December 2019, when you’re ready to have your solar or renewable power connected to the grid, you must provide the following information to your energy retailer:

i.     EGid - Embedded Generation application ID, 
ii.    EWR - Electrical Works Request, and
iii.   CES - Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Make sure you ask your installer / REC for this information. Note: some installers / RECs may pass this information directly to the energy retailer on your behalf. If for some reason your installer / REC fails to complete the Embedded Generation application, you can log in to Jemena’s ‘Connect and manage my electricity’ portal, complete the required information, and generate an EGid yourself. 

For further information and help please follow the links below or contact the Jemena Customer Service team:
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