Truck appointment FAQ

What is a Truck Appointment? 

A truck appointment is a standard 1 hour prearranged appointment for Jemena field crews to attend and temporarily disconnect supply so works can be safely completed on site, or a prearranged appointment time for Jemena to complete connections or alterations to the electricity supply. 

Multiple appointments are required where the duration of works will exceed 1 hours.

When do I need to arrange one?

  • Sites with access requirements 
  • To co-ordinate special access requirements.
  • Where an Electrician is required on site at the time of the works. 
  • Current Transformer (CT) meter and Internal Switchboard connections. 
  • Meter Reconfigurations.
  • Where an electrician requires supply to be temporarily turned off to safely complete works at a property.

How do I know how many Truck Appointments I will need? 

During a standard truck appointment, Jemena will turn the power off at the prearranged appointment time, and restore supply after 1 hour. If the duration of work being completed at the property exceed 1 hour, 2 truck appointments will be required. 1 to turn the power off, and a second to have the electricity turned back on after work is completed. 

Will a Truck Appointment speed up my request?  

Truck Appointments are subject to availability and customer demand.

For instance: Once an application has been approved, a New Connection not requiring a Truck Appointment is completed within 10 business days. During busy times of the year, Truck Appointments can be fully booked for a month in advance. To avoid delays, we recommend submitting your New Connection application as early as possible. 

What happens if my Truck Appointment is not successful? 

If you fail to attend the appointment time as per your request, or the site is found not to meet compliance requirements for connection, a Wasted Service Fee will be applied.

In some cases, a new application will be required to complete a connection or alteration.

To avoid delays, please refer to the Victorian Service Installation Rules or a Licensed Electrical Inspector and ensure your site meets compliance standards prior to the appointment. 

Do I need to be on site during a Meter Reconfiguration appointment?

Yes. An electrician is required on site to complete meter re-configuration works. 

How do I know if traffic management is required to complete my job?

Traffic management will be required for jobs on main roads and intersections. 

Note: Two Truck Appointments are required if works also require traffic management. The truck appointments are also not permitted to fall within times of a clearway.

Where a defect is identified, the electrician will need to rectify the compliance or safety defect before power can be connected or reconnected

Defects must be rectified as per Service Installation Rule standards. If you are unsure how to rectify a defect, please check with your licenced electrical inspector who can provide advice and clarification. 

Jemena Preliminary Site Assessments 

In some cases, prior to your connection date, a Jemena Compliance Officer will complete a Preliminary Site Assessment to ensure the installation meets all of the VSIR requirements

Jemena will conduct a Preliminary Site Assessments in the following circumstances,

  1. All Current Transformer (CT) metering installations.
  2. All installations greater than 100amps (generally larger multiple occupancy sites such as apartments, factory complexes, shops etc).
  3. Installations with more than 1 meter per phase (i.e. 4 x 1ph meters, 1 x 3ph + 1 x 1ph meters, 2 x 3ph meters etc).
  4. Installations with more than 1 meter panel (generally medium to large multiple occupancy sites such as apartments, factory complexes, shops etc).

Any concerns identified during the site assessment will be communicated to you by email. These concerns must be resolved prior to the connection or appointment date.

Below are common non-compliance issues commonly identified during site inspections,

  • Unstable BTS poles (Electrician to account for future weather conditions e.g. rain & wind).
  • Boundary crossings: Overhead Service Line can be up to 2 metres up side fence over neighbouring property, 25% across front fence of neighbouring property.
  • Meet all height requirements for Point Of Attachment/Fused Overhead Line Connection Box and service line.
  • Incorrect labelling within Group Metering Panel.
  • No access to power pole :If no access to pole and/or drop zone can’t be made safely then appointment will require rescheduling.
  • Point Of Attachment/Fused Overhead Line Connection Bo in unserviceable location (no access, side of house).
  • No access to switchboard


  • If customer initiated work and phasing remains the same, the Electrician/customer must go as far as practical to meet all new standards and regulations.
  • If customer initiated work and phasing changes, the Electrician/customer MUST meet all new standards and regulations.

If you’re unable to rectify non-compliance issues prior to your appointment or connection date, you will need to reschedule in order to avoid a wasted service fee.

For any further questions please contact Jemena Compliance Officer at

As per the Electricity Safety Act 1998 it is a breach to relocate or remove the meter or service line from a property without approval from the electricity Distributor. Where you intend to demolish a dwelling or wish to relocate Jemena assets, please ensure an abolishment of service or alteration request has been completed before commencing any work.