Zone substation information

Jemena makes available zone substation information for each zone substation on its network that is not subject to confidentially provisions.

The latest zone substation information after 30 June 2019 can be accessed on our network planning page or via the Digital DAPR Map.

The zone substation reports are provided in comma-separated value (CSV) format and include:

  • Zone substation identifiers, consistent with the abbreviated zone substation names presented in the Distribution Annual Planning Report.
  • From and To date-time intervals for which load data is available.
  • Load data at half hourly intervals presented in mega-watt (MW) and mega-volt-ampere-reactive (MVAR). Depending on the metering location, the MVAR recording may either include or exclude zone substation capacitor bank contributions. This is noted in the title, where ‘Transformer MVAR’ includes zone substation capacitor bank contributions and ‘Radial MVAR’ excludes zone substation capacitor bank contributions.

The zone substation information provided is raw data.  Jemena has not analysed, assessed or validated the quality or accuracy of the data provided. Jemena makes no warranty or guarantee as to the quality, accuracy or suitability of the zone substation information for any particular purpose.

An annual zone substation report will be provided by 31 December each year covering zone substation information from the preceding financial year.