Keilor - Tullamarine - Airport West - Pascoe Vale 66kV sub-transmission loop capacity constraint

This Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D) arises because there is insufficient thermal capacity in the Keilor – Tullamarine – Airport West – Pascoe Vale 66 kV sub-transmission loop to supply the forecast load.

Screening for non-network options

Jemena has undertaken a screening assessment of non-network options to address the identified network constraint as detailed in the Draft Project Assessment Report. Non-network options considered were demand response (including behind the meter embedded generation), mobile generation and battery storage. Jemena has determined that non-network options do not provide a feasible solution to the constraint nor do non-network options provide cost effective opportunities to defer the proposed network augmentation. Based on this determination, a non-network options report has not been published for this RIT-D.

Draft project assessment report

This document is Jemena’s draft project assessment report for the Keilor – Tullamarine – Airport West – Pascoe Vale 66 kV sub-transmission loop. In accordance with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules this report describes:

  • the identified need in relation to the KTS 66 kV sub-transmission loop which supplies the Tullamarine, Airport West and Pascoe Vale zone substations;
  • methodology and assumptions used to determine that there are no credible non-network options which address the identified need;
  • the credible network options assessed that may address the identified need;
  • the methodologies used to quantify market benefits;
  • the net present value assessment results for the potential credible options assessed; and
  • the technical characteristics of the proposed preferred credible option.

This report includes the following economic assessment spreadsheet attachments:

All submissions and enquires relating to this draft project assessment report must be lodged with us on or before 21 August 2017.