Heidelberg Zone Substation Transformer condition

This Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D) arises because the reliability, age and condition of the Heidelberg Zone Substation assets is exposing customers to an increased loss of supply risk.

Non-network options Screening Notice

In accordance with Clause 5.17.4 of the NER, the first stage of the RIT-D process is to screen and determine if a non-network option is, or form a significant part of a potential credible option to address the identified need (i.e. network problem or limitation) on the network.

If a credible non-network option is identified then a non-network options report is required to be published for consultation. However if it has been investigated and determined that no non-network option can form a significant part of a potential credible option, then a non-network options screening notice is required to be published. Published below is Jemena’s non-network options screening notices for Heidelberg Zone Substation Transformer condition.