East Preston (EP) Conversion Stage 5

This Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D) arises because the reliability, age and condition of the East Preston Zone Substation and distribution assets is exposing customers to an increased loss of supply risk.

Non-network options Screening Notice

In accordance with Clause 5.17.4 of the NER, the first stage of the RIT-D process is to screen and determine if a non-network option is, or form a significant part of a potential credible option to address the identified need (i.e. network problem or limitation) on the network.

If a credible non-network option is identified then a non-network options report is required to be published for consultation. However if it has been investigated and determined that no non-network option can form a significant part of a potential credible option, then a non-network options screening notice is required to be published. Published below is Jemena’s non-network options screening notices for East Preston Conversion Stage 5 project. 

Draft project assessment report

This document is Jemena’s EP Conversion Stage 5 - Draft Project Assessment Report. In accordance with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules this report describes:

  • the identified need in relation to the Preston area network;
  • the credible options assessed that may address the identified need;
  • the methodologies used to quantify market benefits;
  • the net present value assessment results for the potential credible options assessed; and
  • the technical characteristics of the proposed preferred credible option.

All submissions and enquires relating to this draft project assessment report must be lodged with us on or before 11 January 2019.