Network planning

Distribution annual planning report

The 2021 Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) in conjunction with our 2021 Digital DAPR Map (which can only be accessed using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) has been prepared by Jemena as the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) for the north-west area of greater metropolitan Melbourne, in accordance with the requirements set out in clause 5.13 of the National Electricity Rules and clause 3.5 of the Victorian Electricity Distribution Code.

Jemena have digitised the risk assessment content within our DAPR report into a user friendly interactive map which provides a visual representation of the existing and emerging identified constraints. The digital DAPR map presents Jemena’s electricity network, terminal station supply points, sub-transmission lines, zone substations and HV distribution feeders, including its forecast load, historic load traces, network limitations, risk assessment and information about our committed and proposed network augmentation and replacement projects.

In 2021, the digital DAPR also includes distribution substations with and without capacity constraints information.

Distribution system limitation report

The 2021 Distribution System Limitation Report has been developed in accordance with the requirements of clause 5.13.3 of the National Electricity Rules. Supporting documentation for this report includes:
• Historic load traces – sub-transmission loops
• Historic load traces – zone substations
• Historic load traces – feeders

The above report and historic load traces can also be accessed via our interactive 2021 Digital DAPR Map.

Transmission connection planning report

Clause 3.4 of the Victorian Electricity Code requires all five Victorian electricity distribution businesses to submit to the Essential Services Commission a joint annual report called the Transmission Connection Planning Report 2021 detailing how together all distributors plan to meet predicted demand for electricity supplied into their distribution networks from transmission connections over the following ten calendar years.

The demand forecasts used in the preparation of the Transmission Connection Planning Report are referred to as the Victorian Terminal Station Demand Forecasts (TSDF). The TSDF sets out Victorian transmission connection point demand forecasts as provided by Victorian participants, being the Victorian electricity distribution businesses and directly connected customers.

The terminal station risk assessments for Jemena’s transmission connection points can also be accessed via our interactive Digital DAPR Map.

Regulatory Investment Tests for Distribution (RIT-Ds)

As required under Clause 5.17 of the National Electricity Rules, for projects subject to the Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D), Jemena undertakes RIT-Ds to identify the credible option that maximises the present value of the net economic benefit to all those who produce, consume and transport electricity in the National Electricity Market.

For more information see our Regulatory Investment Tests for Distribution pages.

Register of completed embedded generation projects

As required under Clause 5A.D.1A of the National Electricity Rules, the Register of completed embedded generation has been prepared by Jemena.

Quality of Supply information

As required under Clause 3.5.3C (d) and Schedule 1 of the Electricity Distribution Code, the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) voltage report has been prepared by Jemena.