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We want to help support you through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all Australians and as your electricity distributor, we are committed to supporting you through this difficult time. 

We have already seen significant increase in energy consumption across our network due to more people being at home.

To help you keep your energy costs down we've partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) to provide free over-the-phone home energy appointments for our customers who live in the Jemena area, to help you better understand your energy bills and to check you are receiving all available concessions and discounts.

What advice can you receive?





Heating & Cooling



Hot Water

They can help you to understand your bill, how it compares to others and eligibility for concessions or where to find help if you need it.



From split systems and fans to ducted heating and fire places, discover which systems are the most energy efficient and what you can do to keep your home comfortable, whatever the season.



Adjusting your habits in the kitchen and the bathroom can save you a lot of money. They can help you discover easy ways to cut costs without sacrificing on comfort or convenience.










Find out how to choose the right light fixtures and fittings for your home and whether you’re eligible for any rebates.



Find out how sealing up gaps and cracks can improve thermal efficiency in your home and keep your energy costs down.



Proper insulation ensures a comfortable temperature in your home. They can help you find out how to check whether you have enough insulation in your home and what solutions you can look into if you don’t.



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