Our People

Meet some of our people via their videos below.

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DAVID - Manager

Manager of Projects David has been with Jemena for ten years.

Size might not be everything, but it helps.

David points out that the scale of Jemena’s operations - 25,000 km of pipe to deliver over 100 petajoules of natural gas to 1.3 million customers - means there’s plenty of opportunity to move around the company, to influence industry standards and to lead the engineering changes that are helping to shape the future of power delivery.

Three of David’s current team members are chairing standards committees.

As David sees it, young engineers looking for security as well as exciting personal and professional development can find “a hidden jewel” in Jemena.

__ EMMA - Health and Wellness Manager

Two years into her role as Health and Wellness Manager at Jemena, Emma loves the flexibility and human touch that she has found here. It’s easy to be motivated to do great work when the company you’re with is as supportive and understanding as Jemena.

When she joined Jemena, Emma was struck by how many people have been working here for ten, twenty years and more. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

It also creates a family feel at the company, with people genuinely looking out for one another.

There’s less of a hierarchical feel at Jemena than at Emma’s last workplace. She lets on that she enjoys the odd chat in the lunchroom with the Managing Director, while she’s warming up last night’s fried rice. (Which might not go down too well with the nutritionist she’s brought in for Jemena’s latest health and wellness initiative...)

Above all, working at Jemena, in a new role that she has helped define and shape, has given Emma confidence in herself, and in her future.

__ MICHAEL - Gas Service Technician

A plumber by trade, Michael joined Jemena as a Gas Service Technician in search of change and the chance to climb a career ladder. Any doubts he had about job longevity evaporated when he found he was working alongside people with 20, 30 and even 40 years under their belts.

Michael praises the way Jemena opens doors for people who want to move into office work, but also always values the opinions of those who are out in the field.

At Jemena, says Michael, there’s a strong sense of belonging to the same team, and you can be sure that management and workmates have always got your back.

And in terms of finding something with a bit more of a challenge than plumbing, Michael hasn’t been disappointed. As he points out, there’s no such thing as “a typical day” for a Jemena GST.


Nirooshan joined Jemena as a graduate engineer in 2006, and is now a manager within our Asset Management group. He’s occasionally bagged by his mates for his infatuation with electricity poles, but at Jemena we’re all for that kind of passion...

According to Nirooshan, the great thing about coming to Jemena as a graduate is the diversity of roles you’ll take on. From design, strategy and commercial aspects to hands-on experience out in the field, you’ll cover every angle.

And you don’t have to wait forever to be handed responsibility. We know you’re hungry for it, and it’s what you’ll learn from.

But alongside that responsibility, we’ll provide you with sound support. Nirooshan speaks highly of the mentoring he’s received, and the professional development that has given a self-professed “introvert” the confidence to lead teams and manage projects.

__ TOM - Gas Service Technician

Tom is a Gas Service Technician with Jemena in Sydney, and he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working for Jemena to any youngster seeking some excitement and “not just your run-of-the-mill job”.

“You’ll never be bored for a second,” he tells us.

And when it comes to the more challenging situations, it’s always great to know that there are plenty of experienced co-workers to call on, with many of Tom’s workmates having clocked up two, three and even four decades with Jemena.

Tom’s happy that safety comes first at Jemena. Job security and overtime opportunities also get the thumbs up. And he counts the friends he’s made at Jemena among the best he has.

For Tom, though, nothing beats the feeling he gets on answering a call from someone elderly or vulnerable, whose heating has gone down. When he turns up and sorts out their problems, he can walk away knowing he’s made a difference. Which is kind of satisfying.