Queensland Gas Pipeline

The Queensland Gas Pipeline links the Wallumbilla gas hub in south central Queensland to large industrial gas users in Gladstone and Rockhampton. Natural gas and coal seam gas enters the pipeline at Wallumbilla and at various receipt points located near gas fields along the pipeline route. The main pipeline was constructed in 1989 by the Queensland State government and commissioned in 1990.

Market sector Gas transmission
Ownership 100% owned by Jemena
Management Jemena has responsibility for management, maintenance and construction activities on the pipeline
Constructed 1989
Length 627 km
Capacity Capacity is currently 52 PJ/annum through the addition of compression at Rolleston and Banana, and looping from Moura to Bell Creek since early 2010
Purpose/use Transports gas from the Surat Basin, Denison Trough and Bowen Basin to Gladstone and Rockhampton
Customers Gas is supplied to large industrial customers in Gladstone and Rockhampton, including Queensland Alumina, Rio Tinto, Orica, Boyne Smelter and Queensland Magnesia. Gas is also supplied to the retail distribution networks of Gladstone, Rockhampton and Wide Bay