Remediation Works

Post-demolition investigation works were undertaken in November 2019 and conclude the site investigation phase of the project. In February 2020, Jemena appointed Ventia Utility Services (Ventia) as the principal contractor to complete the remediation works. Ventia are a leading environmental remediation business with this Project being their 20th large-scale gasworks remediation project.  

Jemena has notified Wollongong City Council of the forthcoming remediation works in accordance with the State Environmental Planning Policy No. 55 – Remediation of Land (SEPP55) and committed to ensuring the works are successful and limit the impacts to surrounding businesses and residents. Reports relating to the remediation works will be reviewed by the Site Auditor and if relevant are provided to the NSW EPA.   

Due to the complexities of the project and to ensure minimal disruption to the community, Jemena continues to engage extensively with specialist consultants, contractors and government departments. This will ensure the project is appropriately scoped, planned andcompleted. 

An important component of the project planning is consulting with the community. Jemena is committed to engaging with the local community as we proceed towards works to remediate the site. Jemena is also working towards obtaining the necessary statutory approvals required before any remediation works can commence. 


Project Timelines to Date





Wollongong gasworks ceased operation


Site investigation for restoration of a section of the gasworks site


Portion of the site remediated


Detailed Site Investigation


Data Gap Assessment & Remediation Options Assessment


Stockpile Classification Report


Removal of stockpiles from 122 Smith Street Site


Development Application for Building Demolition and Vegetation Removal Submitted and Approved


Demolishing of buildings and subsurface investigation completed at 120 Smith Street


  In February, Jemena engaged Ventia Utility Services Pty Ltd as the Principal Contractor for the Remediation Works


  In May, remediation site establishment activities commenced.  


Moving forward, the following timeline is proposed:



Q2 2021

  Complete Site Works 

Q4 2021

Remediation Complete