Community Consultation

Jemena is committed to communicating with the community on the progress of the remediation works. The ongoing program of activities includes stakeholder briefings, newsletters and notifications distributed to the local community, a dedicated project 1800 number and email, and information sessions (as required).

We encourage you to ask questions and provide feedback and suggestions that may help to improve the project delivery.


Community Information Update: 

Consultation with the community and stakeholders continues as we proceed with further investigations and towards full scale remediation. Jemena is also working towards obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals required before commencement of any works.

Jemena has successfully completed the removal of stockpiles in late 2018 and the demolition of the three remaining buildings on site in 2019.

A copy of the latest community notification letters can be viewed via the following links:



July 2019

Upcoming Works at 120-122 Smith Street Site

July 2019

Invitation to the Community Information Session at 120 Smith Street, Wollongong

September 2019

Development Consent received for Demolition Works and Tree Removal

October 2019

Demolition Works Progress Update - Email

November 2019

Completion of Demolition and Investigation Works at 120-122 Smith St, Wollongong

March 2020

Notification of Upcoming Community Information Session 

April 2020

Postponement of Community Information Session 

May 2020

Invitation to Community Online Presentation 

May 2020

Commencement of Remediation Works  

  June 2020

  Project Update Notification 

  July 2020

  Project Update Notification 

  July 2020

  Invitation to Community Online Presentation No. 2 

  August 2020

  Project Update Notification 

  October 2020

  Project Update Notification   



Contact Us 

For more information about the Wollongong Former Gasworks Remediation project, to ask questions, provide  feedback or receive regular updates about the progress of the project please contact us on:

P 1800 571 972

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