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Goulburn gets the Go-ahead – November 2018

Jemena’s remediation team received the go ahead (receipt of the DA and construction certificate) from the Goulburn Mulwaree Council, and within the month, Jemena and its principal contractor, Enviropacific Services were mobilized to site with work commencing on the set-up of environmental controls, demolition works and the clearing of vegetation, as well as the preparation of a concrete hardstand for the odour control enclosure and water treatment plant.

Moving forward the approximate timeline of works will include;

Jan to Feb 2019: Piling works and construction of the odour control enclosure and water treatment plant.

Mar to Aug 2019: Excavation and treatment of contaminated soils within the fully enclosed odour control enclosure, including the reinstatement and placement of treated materials.

Aug to Oct 2019: Placement of asphalt capping layer over remediated areas of the site as well as rejuvenation and revegetation of open areas and the Council-owned foreshore area along the Mulwaree River.

Late 2019: Estimated project completion pending weather and site conditions