Planning Approval Documents

Please find below documents and links related to the Project Planning Approval Documents.

Click here to link to information regarding the Project Environmental Impact Statement and DPI&E Planning consent documentation.

SSD7676 - Project Assessment Report

SSD7676 - Project Development Consent Instrument

SSD7676 - Project Notice of Decision

SSD7676 - Project Stamped Plans

Project Construction Traffic Management Plan

Project Health and Safety Management Plan

Project Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Plan

Project Remediation Works Environmental Management Plan

Project Waste Management Plan

Project Groundwater Licence

Pre-Construction Compliance Report

Pre Construction Compliance Report – September 2019, DPI&E Approval Letter

Pre-Operation Compliance Report 

Pre-Operation Compliance Report – September 2020, DPIE Approval Letter

Erosion Control & Sediment Plan

Project CMP Approval Letter

Project CEMP Approval Letter

Project HSP Approval Letter

Project CTMP Approval Letter

Project Independent Audit Program

Project Auditor Agreement

Project Conservation Management Plan

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting Program

Independent Audit Report Jan 2020

Independent Audit Report - Jemena Response Jan 2020

Independent Audit Report January 2020 – DPI&E Letter

Independent Audit Report (Final) May 2020.

Independent Audit Report May 2020 – DPI&E Approval Letter

Construction Compliance Report – February 2020

Construction Compliance Report – February 2020, DPI&E Approval Letter

Environmental Monitoring Scope – March 2020

Environmental Monitoring Scope – March 2020, DPI&E Approval Letter