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Jemena certified as a Family Inclusive Workplace


Jemena has been granted certification as a Family Inclusive Workplace by Family Friendly Workplaces, cementing its reputation as an organisation committed to supporting families via offering a safe and inclusive workplace.

Announced during National Families Week, Jemena joins 23 founding and supporting partner organisations in achieving Family Friendly Workplace certification.

A joint initiative between Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia, Family Friendly Workplace certification provides employers with a benchmark of best practice guidelines and a work and family action plan to help further embed a family-friendly workplace culture.

Organisations are assessed against the National Work and Family standards to provide an action-oriented plan for the creation of a family friendly workplace culture. Implementation of this plan is reviewed by Family Friendly Workplaces as part of an annual reporting program to retain certification.

Jemena’s Executive General Manager of People, Safety & Resilience, Craig Ypinazar, said the Family Friendly Workplace certification builds on Jemena’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and follows the launch last year of an enhanced parental leave policy aimed at better supporting families. 

“We understand that many of our people have parenting and caring responsibilities outside of work that often intertwine with work hours. Jemena is focused on ensuring our organisation is a great place to work and that across our workforce, our people are supported, valued and celebrated,” he said.

Initially starting with Jemena on a six month contract in 2014, Jemena’s family-friendly culture has supported General Manager of Human Resources, Nicole Miller, with career development opportunities. Nicole’s most recent promotion was appointed when she was six months pregnant and about to depart on 12 months of parental leave. 

Nicole is proud to work for a company where having a family can happen while progressing in her career.

“After parental leave, I will be returning to work four days a week with the full support of my manager, enhanced by family-friendly initiatives that build an inclusive and supportive working environment,” she said.

For more information about Jemena’s approach to a safe and inclusive workplace, visit www.jemena.com.au/careers