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Jemena Awarded for Putting Customers First

13 September 2019

Leading energy company, Jemena, took out the Consumer Engagement Award at the Energy Networks Australia and Energy Consumers Australia awards held in Melbourne on 12 September 2019.

The award recognises the more than 250 hours of customer engagement Jemena carried out to develop its five-year pricing and services plans for its electricity network in Victoria and its gas network in New South Wales.

Jemena Managing Director Frank Tudor said it was important to hear from a cross-section of the community when developing its pricing and services plans.

“When delivering energy to over 1.5 million customers it’s crucial that we work closely with the people and businesses who use our power and gas every day to find out what matters to them,” said Mr Tudor.

“For our electricity network customers in Melbourne’s north-west, we held a series of People’s Panel meetings with a cross section of community members. We received 25 recommendations from the panel participants that informed our Electricity Network 2021-25 Plan.”

“In New South Wales we visited our gas network customers who use gas in their homes, small businesses, and large industries across the state to hear a range of opinions and ideas to help inform the Gas Networks 2020 Plan.”

“We’re honoured to be recognised for this work which aligns with our commitment to the Energy Charter. The charter is an industry initiative that aims to deliver improved customer outcomes by driving collaboration across the energy sector. It strives to put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system.”

Energy Consumers Australia said the award was a unanimous choice of the judging panel which was made up of eight leaders from industry and community organisations including the Australian Energy Regulator, St Vincent De Paul Society and Uniting Communities.

The judges remarked that network businesses are showing a greater commitment to working directly with consumers, exploring new ways to engage and make energy more affordable for households and small businesses.