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Greening the Australian gas network


In Gas Vision 2050, the city of the future will generate more solar power than it needs, converting the excess into carbon-neutral hydrogen, which is stored in the existing gas network for use by Australian homes and businesses. People will move about in electric and hydrogen vehicles, and goods will be delivered by trucks fuelled by biogas.

Sound far-fetched? Well, not really.

Natural Gas not only supports how we live today, but has the capacity to sustain our growing population as a cost efficient and environmentally friendly energy source.

Natural Gas is an instantaneous, controllable, and safe cooking and heating source for more than 6.5 million Australian homes, delivering 44% of Australia’s household energy but only 13% of household greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural Gas supports jobs and communities, providing close to 1 million jobs and contributing $196 billion to the economy in the mining and manufacturing sector alone. 

Natural Gas and natural gas pipelines in particular are also in a strong position to support renewable energy. 

While it is still early days, in the future excess renewable energy may be converted into other fuels like hydrogen (which is carbon-neutral) for storage and use in the gas network.

This is already happening overseas in places like Germany and it is something Jemena is looking to explore over the coming months with a number of new projects in the pipeline (excuse the pun).

These projects will look at how our existing infrastructure can be repurposed so that natural gas infrastructure can continue to support homes and businesses with reliable, carbon-neutral, "green gas".

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