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Are you ready for summer?

Summer is here and it’s time for holidays, family gatherings, BBQs and trips to the beach. With hot weather expected, Australians will be looking for ways to beat the heat and stay cool. For our crews, unpredictable weather over summer can place strain on our electricity network. To help us all enjoy the summer, below are five tips to ensure your home is summer ready!

1. Pre cool to avoid very hot days

Small changes around the home can make a big difference to keeping you cool, and reducing energy bills. On very hot days, households can use three times more power than usual so why not:

  • Use a fan whenever possible – they’re cheaper to run that air conditioners.
  • Set your air conditioner to 24-26 degrees and ensure the filter is clean – it’ll run more efficiently.
  • Cook on the BBQ – they save on electricity consumption and don’t heat up the home.
  • Check your fridge/freezer seals are tight and there’s room for air to circulate around the appliance. 

2. BBQ safety

Think summer, think BBQ. But before you invite friends and family around, make sure your BBQ is up to the job. Ensure it is serviced and maintained, including scheduled pressure testing of any gas cylinders, check the condition of hoses, look for signs of rust or damage, and make sure connections are clean and fit properly.

It’s also important to observe any fire restrictions before igniting the BBQ.

As it also often becomes the focal point at gatherings, keep children away from hot areas and ensure the BBQ is in a well ventilated area.

3. Avoid cold turkey

Picture the scene. All your hungry guests are salivating as food sizzles on the BBQ. The sun is shining, the food looks delicious and everyone is enjoying themselves. But then…disaster. The silence is deafening as the gas bottle runs out. As the flame dies, so does your party and your guests turn ‘hangry’.

Connect your BBQ to natural gas and never run out again. Why not make the most of this permanent fuel source with other outdoor appliances, such as heaters and pizza ovens to enjoy the outdoors all year round?
Need a gas connection? Visit www.gonaturalgas.com.au

4. Faults and emergencies

Wild weather, third party contractors, road traffic accidents and even birds and animals are just some of the possible causes of faults and emergencies across our electricity and gas networks. Whether it is a sunny day or a stormy night, our crews will come out to assist you and get your service back up and running as soon as they can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=910Tg6HpoLM

5. Dial before you Dig

If you’re planning on digging, excavating or conducting any earthworks over the holiday period, contact Dial before you Dig. You’ll be surprised by how many services, such as gas, electricity, water, sewage, drainage, and telecommunications are underground. Damaging them can pose serious safety risks and outages. To find out the location of buried infrastructure, utilities and pipelines, ring 1100. www.1100.com.au

More handy hints and tips

  • Hot day ahead? Pull down awnings, shut your curtains or blinds to keep out the heat of the sun.
  • Cool runnings: Have you checked the running time for your pool pump with your local pool shop? Reducing it by just one hour a day can add up to good bill savings over a year.
  • Sun’s out, washing out: On hot and sunny days, use a clothes line or clothes rack for your washing instead of the dryer.
  • Keep your fridge at 3°C to 5°C and freezer at -15°C to -18°C.
  • Want to stay on top of your electricity use this Summer? Our free Electricity Outlook customer portal can tell you how much energy you’re using, when, and how much it’s costing you. Find out more at electricityoutlook.jemena.com.au