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We’re upgrading our gas network in Sydney

Jemena is working on a major project to upgrade the gas network in the Botany and Randwick municipalities by rehabilitating 6.6 kilometres of gas distribution mains.

The rehabilitation work will involve inserting modern, high-density nylon piping into existing gas mains.  This will reduce the need to dig trenches in the street, minimising safety and environmental risks that can arise when working in the vicinity of busy roads and utility infrastructure.

Rehabilitation will minimise the likelihood of gas leaks or a loss of supply which sometimes happens when older cast-iron pipes become rusted or crack.

It will also ensure the network in Botany and Randwick municipalities will be able to cope with growth in demand for natural gas, as more homes and businesses switch on to the benefits of natural gas and use more gas appliances.

This project is part of our $800 million investment to upgrade and extend the Jemena Gas Network in New South Wales.

Each year, Jemena lays approximately 200 kilometres of new gas mains and each year some 30,000 new customers connect to the gas network in New South Wales