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Take charge of your bills with smart meters + Electricity Outlook

Jemena has completed the rollout of smart meters across our electricity network, and our customers can now start realising the benefits of this world class technology.

The AMI Smart Meter Project officially came to a close at the end of June 2014.

Mandated by the State Government in 2005, the installation of new meters rolled out to our customers over nine years. During this time, we updated more than 315,000 meters across the Jemena electricity network.

AMI technology helps customers take control of their energy use. It is transforming the way we deliver electricity, enabling Jemena to offer more efficient and innovative electricity services to our customers.

With smart meters, we no longer need to send out meter readers to promises to manually read meters. Our customers can arrange remote reconnections and disconnections and have access to their real time usage data through our Australian first online electricity usage portal, the Jemena Electricity Outlook Portal and in-home display units.

This information will enable our customers to take charge of their electricity use and their bills, giving them the information they need to find the best retail offers that suit their needs and budgets.

With this information, customers can also take advantage of flexible prices, reducing their bills by shifting some of their power use to times when electricity is cheaper to generate, such as weekends or later at night.

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