Supplying Renewable Gas

Creating a circular economy

A circular economy is an important contributor to a sustainable future – it keeps products and materials in use, reducing the production of new waste and pollution, and regenerating natural systems.

Did you know renewable gas production can create its own circular economy, with strong environmental benefits as well as helping existing industries and helping to create and maintain jobs? Take a look at how it can work:


Supplying Biomethane (Renewable Gas)

Biomethane is an example of waste recovery and reuse in the circular economy. It is created by capturing biogas from decomposing agricultural, organic, and domestic waste, and removing the carbon dioxide. This displaces natural gas sourced from fossil fuels and prevents ‘waste methane’ from reaching the atmosphere. The waste methane that would have been released into the atmosphere can then be used for energy instead.

Renewable Gas can be supplied from a variety of renewable sources, such as organic waste, sewage treatment plants, agricultural waste and landfills. The technology to produce Biomethane creates a gas that is the same as that from fossil gas (‘on specification’). Jemena, with other network operators, are working on guides and standards to enable project developers to understand requirements and standards and enable the injection of Renewable Gas. If you have an existing supply of renewable gas or are looking to develop a project then please get in touch at We will provide further guides and fact sheets via our website in the near future.

Certifying Renewable Gas

When a customer signs up to green electricity such as solar, the electricity is measured and allocated to the customer based on their electricity use. When Renewable Gas is injected into the gas network, it works in exactly the same way, meaning you can still enjoy all the benefits of gas, while only paying for the renewable gas you use.

Some customers in NSW will soon have access to verified and accredited renewable gas with a 2022 certification pilot scheme. 

Jemena has partnered with government energy accreditor GreenPower and Energy Networks Australia to give customers certainty when purchasing our renewable gas.

The NSW pilot will design, deliver, and run a certificate registry to allow customers to buy certified renewable gas. 

Watch this space for more news and developments on renewable gas certification.
We are currently working with a number of customers, existing schemes, government departments and other networks to develop a recognised renewable gas certification scheme.  Contact us to find out more at

Buying Renewable Gas

Renewable Gas is coming to NSW in 2022.

Residential and business customers can help to accelerate the uptake of renewable gas by encouraging your gas retailer to talk to us about how we can provide you with more renewable energy options.

Retailers, large customers, developers or other organisations please Contact Us to discuss the supply of renewable gas.