Key Projects

Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub

Our Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub is a $15 million project and renewable gas trial, co-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). 

Using NSW’s first electrolyser, our green hydrogen hub uses solar and wind power to turn water into hydrogen gas, via a process called ‘electrolysis’.  The green hydrogen produced at the Horsley Park hub will be stored in the Jemena gas network, to be distributed and used in homes and businesses over the coming years, as well as supplying hydrogen to the transport industry to power fuel-cell electric vehicles. 

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Malabar Biomethane Project

We have partnered with Sydney Water to generate biomethane at the Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, in a $14 million project, jointly funded by Jemena and ARENA.

This project will see renewable biomethane gas injected into the gas grid for the first time in Australia, creating enough energy to power thousands of homes.  Biomethane is a safe, reliable and sustainable source of energy.  The Malabar project is already underway and aims to inject biomethane into the gas network in 2022.



Hydrogen vehicles and transport

Renewably generated hydrogen gas is also now being used as an alternative fuel type in the transport sector.  We’re working closely with Coregas and Hyundai Australia to supply hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles in NSW. 

Hydrogen vehicles are another step closer to taking over Sydney’s roads as we produce and deliver hydrogen gas to Hyundai’s Macquarie Park headquarters from 2021 onwards.  We’re looking forward to playing our part in demonstrating how the transportation industry can decarbonise quickly and efficiently, using the hydrogen gas generated by our Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub.