Future of Gas

The energy challenge 

There’s no doubt that all Australians want a greener energy future. The challenge for Governments and the industry is that as we work towards this, we need to ensure that energy remains reliable, affordable and sustainable for everyone, over the short, medium and long term.


At Jemena, we’re working hard to lay the foundations for a renewable energy system that takes advantage of Australia’s abundant resources. Where possible, we’re using our existing infrastructure and technologies to ensure the transition to renewable energy is cost-effective, complementary to our existing energy mix, and provides all customers with flexible, affordable options.

Renewable gas can play an important role in this transition.

How does Renewable Gas help us meet the energy challenge?

Renewable gas is an essential step on the path to a zero-emission energy future. It helps us meet the energy challenge by significantly reducing our carbon footprint in the short term, while we develop broader solutions to deliver 100% renewable energy over the longer term, by 2050. 

Producing and using renewable gas can deliver multiple benefits, including: 

  • Cost – no need to invest billions of dollars as existing infrastructure and gas pipelines can be used to store and distribute renewable gas, to help support other renewable energy sources.
  • Carbon emissions – by blending renewable gases with natural gas through the existing Jemena gas network, and increasing over time, we can work towards decarbonising the gas network by 2050.
  • Convenience – the ability to continue delivering the familiarity and functionality that millions of Australian households and businesses love about their gas supply. 
  • Choice – by offering renewable gas as a complementary alternative to other greener energy sources (i.e. solar), Australians can continue to choose the fuel mix that best suits their lifestyle needs and more importantly, their budget! 

Important for jobs

As well as the environmental benefits, renewable gas also offers strong economic benefits, creating regional jobs and export opportunities. Not to mention the thousands of small businesses, plumbers, gas specialists, appliance manufacturers and retailers that would continue to be supported, with jobs and commercial activity being maintained.