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Sydney homes and businesses could use ‘green gas’ in as little as five years for cooking, heating and hot water thanks to Australia’s largest renewable gas trial

Innovation doesn’t always mean something new has been invented. We can also deliver benefits to customers and improve network efficiencies by exploring new ways to utilise current assets and existing technologies. Jemena’s Power to Gas trial is a case in point. The Western Sydney Green Gas Project will convert solar and wind power into hydrogen gas, via electrolysis, which will then be stored for use across the Jemena Gas Network (JGN) in New South Wales, the biggest gas distribution network in Australia. If the trial to power 250 homes and a hydrogen vehicle refuelling station is successful, we’ll look to expand it across the NSW network.

What they said

“In the future Australians will need to decide what to do with excess renewable energy on very windy or very sunny days. Jemena’s Power to Gas trial will demonstrate how existing gas pipeline technology can store excess renewable energy for weeks and months, making it more efficient than batteries which can only store excess renewable energy for minutes or hours.”
Frank Tudor, Managing Director, Jemena.

Project Profile

  • The $15 million trial is co-funded by Jemena and the Australia Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
  • A 500kW electrolyser will be able to generate enough hydrogen to power approximately 250 homes.
  • The JGN supplies more than 1.4 million customers each year.
  • The JGN is 25,000 kilometres in length and is capable of storing as much energy as 8 million Powerwall bateries.
  • Hydrogen is carbon neutral and the Western Sydney Green Gas Project will ensure homes and businesses in Australia can be powered by clean, green renewable energy
  • The Project canl support refuelling for hydrogen vehicles

Environmental Impact Statement

  • The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is reviewing Jemena’s Western Sydney Green Gas Project draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). To read the report click here
  • The period of public consultation for this draft is open from 15 January 2020 to 21 February 2020. Members of the community and stakeholders are invited to have their say. To provide feedback to the Department on the project, visit www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/project/11681

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