Project updates

Project update - 10 August 2021

On 10 August 2021, UNSW Sydney hosted a knowledge sharing event with Jemena and Ausnet Services. A final report on the trial will be published in the coming months.

Project update - 1 October 2020

On 1 October 2020, UNSW Sydney hosted an interim knowledge sharing event with Jemena and Ausnet Services. View the virtual event recording and presentation here.

Project update - 13 August 2020

The Interim Knowledge Sharing Report for the project is now available to view here.

The report covers the activities and learnings from the project so far.

Project update - 22 May 2020

Earlier this month the Grid Battery was installed in Greenvale near Glencairn Drive and Sterling Close. The battery is now connected to a low voltage network supplying 110 customers. With 25% of the customers on this low voltage network being solar customers, the battery will stabilise the network by absorbing excess solar energy generated during the day and will release the stored energy at night to meet the peak demand.

All three technologies being trialled as part of this project are now operating. They will continue to be monitored and tested over the coming months.



Above: The Grid Battery installed in Greenvale near Glencairn Drive and Sterling Close.

Project update - 17 January 2020

Two of the new technologies – Dynamic Phase Switching and Dynamic Power Compensation – were installed in the trial site in Greenvale in late 2019. Here are photos of the installations:


Above: Dynamic Power Compensation Device installed on a power pole in Greenvale.


Above: The distribution transformer (top) and the central controller (underneath). The Dynamic Power Compensation device is mounted on the other side of the electricity pole.


Above: The Dynamic Phase Shifting device.

The third technology, a grid battery, which acts as a solar energy collector to store excess solar-generated power to use during high usage times, is planned to be installed in early February 2020.