At Jemena, we’re excited by innovation and exploring new technologies and better ways of doing things. Find out what we’re currently doing to deliver world leading, sustainable and reliable energy solutions for customers and stakeholders.


We utilise new technology to provide smarter systems and solutions.

Reducing customer costs

By talking, listening and engaging with our customers, we work to drive down costs.

Enhancing the network

We develop innovative ways to reduce investment in the network, while increasing its capability.

Improving the energy experience

We are striving to make energy more affordable, reliable and sustainable.

Bringing Energy To Life for Customers

In addition to trialling new technology, pilots and projects, we also provide innovative solutions for our customers. Business innovation is driven by our partnerships, customer engagement and key relationships.

In our Bringing Energy to Life video series, we highlight how Jemena’s innovative approach to overcoming challenges supports our customers.


Bringing Energy to Life – Greening the NSW gas network.


Bringing Energy to Life – Powering change in our communities.


Bringing Energy to Life – Supporting Vicinity Centres' move to solar.


Bringing Energy to Life – fuelling the hydrogen vehicle industry.


Large gas customer Homart wanted to expand its NSW business. Jemena provided a cost effective energy solution.


Large electricity customer NEXTDC required a big solution for their M2 data centre in Melbourne. Find out what Jemena did to help.

Innovation Projects

At Jemena, we love new technology and finding ways to work smarter. We conduct a number of trials and pilots to test technology and industry capability. From these, we analyse data and share learnings to help us reduce customer costs and improve network efficiencies. 

Creating Solar Friendly Neighbourhoods

Jemena is leading a Creating Solar Friendly Neighbourhoods trial which will explore how existing electricity infrastructure can better work with future growth of solar power and other new technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Creating Solar Friendly Neighbourhoods trial

Future of Gas

Key Projects

Project updates

Malabar Biomethane Project

Power Changers Community Connections Program

Jemena’s Power Changers Community Connections Program offers handy energy saving and efficiency advice for local communities, helping you save on bills while staying cool over the Summer.

Supplying Renewable Gas

Welcome to Jemena's Western Sydney Green Gas Project

Australia’s largest trial to convert renewable power into hydrogen gas and store it across the Jemena Gas Network.

Renewable Gas