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Application Forms

Application forms for connecting and managing your electricity connection with Jemena

28 June 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | application, connection, Electricity

Model Standing Offer

This model standing offer applies to applications for basic connection services lodged ...

28 June 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | connection, Electricity, model standing offer

Micro-embedded generators

Inverter connected generators (usually solar).

28 June 2016 | |

Mid-scale embedded generators

Less than 5 MW in size and of the type that cannot be classified as micro-embedded gene...

28 June 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | embedded generation

Negotiated Connection Process

These documents has been developed to assist customers who require a negotiated connect...

29 June 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | connection, Electricity, process

Deemed standard connection contract

Deemed standard connection contract

08 March 2018 | Jemena Gas Network | connection, contracts

JEN Cost Allocation Methodology

Jemena Electricity Network (JEN) Cost Allocation/Estimation Methodology

04 June 2019 | |

Energy Charter Disclosures

Along with 17 other Australian energy companies, Jemena has submitted its Disclosures t...

04 October 2019 | |

Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy for SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd

05 December 2019 | |

Life Support Documents

Important documents regarding Life Support

08 July 2020 | |