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Queensland gas pipeline transportation services

Queensland gas pipeline transportation services

Access to transportation services

Pipeline access Following the introduction of a new National Gas Law and National Gas Rules on 1 July 2008, Jemena has accepted new transitional arrangements proposed by the Queensland Government that the Queensland Gas Pipeline be an unregulated pipeline for at least 3 years. However, Jemena remains committed to the provision of voluntary non-discriminatory pipeline access for parties wishing to contract for services on the Queensland Gas Pipeline.

The Queensland Gas Pipeline access policy provides access seekers with an overview of Jemena's access policy for users wishing to gain access to Queensland Gas Pipeline services. Please refer to the access principles for a more detailed explanation of how access seekers can apply for access to gas transportation services on the Queensland Gas Pipeline.

The access principles also contain a detailed map of the pipeline. Prospective users will need to complete and submit a service request form order to lodge a formal request for access to capacity on the pipeline. Standard terms and conditions The standard gas transportation agreement. The standard terms and conditions of service are provided here for reference.