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Tendering guide

This guideline is provided to inform customers of the process to follow if a customer wishes to exercise the tendering options provided to them in Jemena electricity network's offers in relation to network connection, augmentation or relocation.

In keeping with its objectives to inform customers of their rights with regard to access to the distribution system, JEN Connection Offers include the price for connection and augmentation works and a number of contestability or tendering options. These options are intended to provide the customer with the opportunity to assess and choose the most practical and cost effective solution.

JEN offers are based on prices obtained from our construction service provider and its expert knowledge. However, where customers prefer to benchmark such prices, JEN has a tendering policy that informs customers of the processes for determining market prices for network connection, augmentation or relocation of network assets.

Beyond this, customers have the option to undertake both the tender and work themselves.

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