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Tendering guide

This guideline is provided to inform customers of the process to follow if a customer w...

13 July 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | tender

Customer connection guide

This guideline is provided to assist customers to understand their rights and obligatio...

26 August 2015 | Jemena Electricity Network | connection

Network Operator Rules

Network Operator Rules

30 December 2019 | Jemena Gas Network |

Guide for medium-density and high-rise connections

This page lists the various documents that have been prepared to assist developers, arc...

09 April 2020 | Jemena Gas Network | centralised hot water, common factors, medium density, metering

Gas Application forms

Application forms for the Jemena Gas Network

19 July 2021 | Jemena Gas Network | application, connection

Gas Connection contracts

Connection contracts - including Model Standing Offer

24 November 2020 | Jemena Gas Network | connection, contracts, model, offer, standing

Deemed Standard Distribution Contract

Deemed Standard Distribution Contract

19 October 2015 | Jemena Electricity Network | contracts, distribution, Electricity

Technical drawings

Our standard design is set out in our technical drawings.

01 May 2016 | Jemena Gas Network |

Application Forms

Application forms for connecting and managing your electricity connection with Jemena

01 July 2016 | Jemena Electricity Network | application, connection, Electricity

Model Standing Offer - Electricity

This model standing offer applies to applications for basic connection services lodged ...

24 November 2020 | Jemena Electricity Network | connection, Electricity, model standing offer