Terms of Supply

AquaNet supplies recycled water to customers at a discount to the potable water price

Supply of recycled water will be backed up by the existing potable water supply. Customers of the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme use recycled water under the terms of a supply agreement with AquaNet.

The supply agreement specifies:

  • Organisation, address and connection point details
  • Commencement date and agreement term
  • Recycled water supply volumes and supply pressure
  • Recycled water usage charges and payment terms
  • Recycled water quality and supply terms including conditions under which supply can be interrupted
  • Operating Protocols which specify how AquaNet and the customer will notify each other in relation to supply and usage interruptions
  • Metering details including access and arrangements for responding to requests by customers for meter testing
  • The purposes for which the recycled water may be used
  • Responsibility for prevention of cross-contamination with other water

It is not envisaged at this stage that recycled water from the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme will be available to sites that use less than 15 megalitres per year. There is no water restriction order in place for the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme.