The distribution network for the recycled water main has been built under roads and public reserves. The distribution network runs through 15 suburbs in four local government areas (Fairfield, Bankstown, Holroyd and Parramatta). The alignment of the network has been chosen to link the proposed water recycling plant at Fairfield with the customers in the Rosehill and Smithfield areas.

Jemena has renewed parts of its isolated gas main network for incorporation into the 20 kilometre recycled water transportation network. The network is owned and operated by SPI Rosehill Network Pty Limited, a Jemena company.

For more information view our Rosehill Water Quality Management Plan and Infrastructure Operating Plan.

Water storage reservoirs

Two reservoirs form part of the distribution network to store recycled water. These reservoirs are located at Woodville Golf Course Guildford and at Rosehill.

Woodville Golf Course site was selected in consultation with Parramatta Council and the Department of Planning and allows for the delivery of recycled water through gravity to customers at Rosehill as it is the highest point on the network.

The Rosehill site was selected through negotiation with landowners and proximity to customers at Rosehill and will assist future expansion to the Parramatta and Westmead areas.