Colongra Gas Transmission and Storage Pipeline

The Colongra lateral pipeline showcases Jemena's ability to find innovative ways of meeting our customers' needs.

The Colongra gas transmission and storage pipeline was designed and built by Jemena to deliver gas to Snowy Hydro Limited's 667MW gas turbine facility near the existing Munmorah power station on the Central Coast of NSW.

The pipeline not only transports gas to the power station, but also stores enough gas to allow the power station to run at full capacity for five hours. The power station plays an important role in the National Electricity Market (NEM) ensuring sufficient electricity supply in times of peak demand. On that basis the Colongra Pipeline helps keep the lights on.

In addressing the challenges and delivering the customer’s needs, Jemena was required to find a novel way to store the equivalent of 9km of fully pressurised gas pipeline in a 3km stretch of land. The innovative solution used Australia’s largest diameter on-shore gas pipeline (42 inches) and double looping it to create the required storage capacity with an operating pressure of 3.4 to 13MPa.

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