Information Sharing Protocol

Under the AERs’ Electricity Ring Fencing Guideline (Guideline), Jemena Electricity Network (JEN) is required, under certain circumstances, to publish an Information Register that outlines the entities that request “confidential information” and the nature of information sought.

To request confidential information please complete the Request Form and email it to

NB:  if you also need a JEN Customer Consent and Agent Authority Form as part of your request, it can be accessed from this link.

Once we receive your request we will take the following steps to process your application:

Updating the Information Register

  1. We will review the form and may ask for additional information to assist us in assessing the information request or if the form is incomplete.
  2. The review of your request will involve considering:
    1. whether the information being requested is “confidential information”, within the meaning of the Guideline, and
    2. whether an exception for disclosure applies in accordance with the Guideline (in which case this request process is not needed).  For example,
      • the consent of the customer, to whom the confidential information relates, and evidence of that consent is provided to JEN;
      • the disclosure is necessary to enable JEN to provide distribution or other services; or
      • the disclosure is for third party research purposes.
  3. If no exception applies, and JEN has received the necessary information to allow it to complete its assessment, we will then update the Information Register with your request.

Provision of confidential information

Updating of the Information Register with your information request does not automatically grant you an entitlement to any confidential information. Only where JEN has provided information of the same kind to a Related Electricity Service Provider (RESP) (who is a competitor of the Requesting Entity), is JEN then under an obligation to provide that information to you upon your inclusion on the Information Register,.  In determining whether the Requesting Entity is entitled to the information as a competitor of that RESP, we will consider matters including:

  1. the nature and location of the party’s current or proposed business activities as required to be set out in the Request Form, and
  2. whether requested information is of the same kind disclosed to a Related Entity, e.g.  the subject matter of the information; the level of aggregation; and whether the requested information is historical or forecast information.

Within ten business days of receiving a completed Request Form, we will endeavour to advise you

  • of the outcome of our assessment for inclusion on the Information Register, and
  • if your request for disclosure is granted, the expected timeframe in which you will received the requested information.

At some point during our assessment, we may require you to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that access to, as well as use and disclosure of the information is restricted.

Amendment and Removal from the Information Register

JEN requires requesting entities to submit a new request form in the event an amendment to the kinds of information is requested ( e.g. asking for more or less information).

In the event you request to be removed from the Information Register, they are required to email asking to be removed.  We will process and update the Information Register within 10 business days.