Electricity contestable services list

The Ring-fencing guideline prohibits JEN from providing any services other than electricity distribution services.  Accordingly, JEN cannot offer or provide any contestable electricity services such as electricity retail services, unregulated electricity infrastructure or private networks, customer-side generation solutions such as solar and batteries or energy consultancy services.

If you are looking for a provider of any of the above services, the following directory may assist you to find a service provider of those services and products that JEN cannot provide to customers. This list is not exhaustive, there may be other suitable providers in addition to the ones provided here

You are encouraged to make your own enquiries and due diligence to find the best provider for your needs as the nature of the following services are contestable. This means that there are generally more than one provider of the service or product.

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Energy Consultancy Services:
e.g. energy audits
The Energy Efficiency Council is a not-for-profit membership association whose members provide a range of services, including the design, planning, installation and manufacture of technologies that monitor and reduce energy use.
Click here for more information - http://www.eec.org.au/for-energy-users/overview

Unregulated Electricity Infrastructure e.g. private electricity networks

The Australian Energy Market Operator operates Australia’s largest gas and electricity markets and power systems.  They have a published contractor panel of construction and owner -operators that have expressed interest in contestable augmentation on Shared Networks in Victoria. 
Click here for more information- https://www.aemo.com.au/Electricity/National-Electricity-Market-NEM/Network-connections/Victoria-transmission-connections---process-overview/Victoria-contractor-panel
The Australian Energy Regulator regulates wholesale, retail energy markets, and energy networks, under national energy legislation and rules. They also have a role in providing Network exemptions for Network Service Providers (who can be embedded network operators).

Click here for more information- https://www.aer.gov.au/networks-pipelines/network-exemptions

Customer side generation
e.g. Solar, battery solutions
The Clean Energy Council is an incorporated not-for-profit association  that represents businesses operating in solar, wind, energy efficiency, hydro, bioenergy, energy storage, geothermal and marine.
Click here for more information- http://www.solaraccreditation.com.au/consumers/find-an-installer.html
Energy Retailer
e.g. a business who sells and bills you for electricity usage
The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning provides  this online comparator service for Victorian energy consumers to find and compare energy retailers
Click here for more information- https://compare.switchon.vic.gov.au/