Our 2016 Plan

Our proposed 2016 Plan explains the services we will offer, the costs we are likely to incur, and the prices we propose to charge customers across North West Melbourne for the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2020.

We have developed our 2016 Plan over the last two years, and as part of this process, we engaged with our customers, stakeholders and the broader community to help us understand their priorities and preferences for this period and beyond—including what they want and value in their electricity supply, and what role we should play in meeting their energy needs. We want to ensure the decisions we make reflect our customers’ priorities and long-term interests.

In October 2015, the Australian Energy Regulator published a Preliminary Decision on our 2016 Plan. We have now revised our plan to reflect updated information, feedback from our customers and stakeholders and to respond to the AER’s Preliminary Decision.

Would you like an overview of our 2016 Plan?

Our customer overview explains our submission on our 2016 Plan and what it means for our customers - including some of the benefits and risks. It also explains how we developed this plan including how we engaged with customers and stakeholders and responded to the AER’s Preliminary Decision.

We also have a consumer flyer and some fact sheets on key aspects of our 2016 Plan including:

Would you like more detail on our 2016 Plan?

We provided our submission to the Australian Energy Regulator for review on 06 January 2016. You can read the full document along with supporting attachments .

Have your say on our 2016 Plan

You can have your say on our 2016 Plan, stay informed or get involved in the Australian Energy Regulator's review.